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Olympian Creative Education coaches individuals and organizations in the art of storytelling. Whether you’re developing a strategic business narrative, honing your presentation skills, planning a novel or crafting the ultimate college essay, our project-based method will help you sharpen your vision, find your story and achieve your goals. Olympian Creative director Greg Blake Miller, Ph.D., is an award-winning editor, writer and communication specialist. He has taught at the University of Oregon and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has worked with creative professionals in print and film, on stage and online. You can contact him at



Communities and industries know that the future depends on fresh thinking: As a culture, we regularly praise creativity and call for more of it. But in today’s time-strapped classrooms and boardrooms, there are few opportunities to engage in the open-ended inquiry and individualized dialogue that breaks through creative blocks and sparks bold new ideas. This is our mission at Olympian Creative Education—and it’s an exciting one, with no false shortcuts, feel-good platitudes or cookie cutter approaches. We listen to your needs and help you work toward your goals. We’ll help you see the world more deeply, shatter hackneyed conventional thinking, and respond to an ever-changing environment with confidence and originality. We will help you find your edge in the world—your own “creative genome”—and make it active in your life, your workplace, and your community. This is the hard stuff. And it’s also the stuff of true success.



The roiling modern world is at once daunting and inspiring: a site of ceaseless data sharing between self, society and surroundings. For better or worse, this world makes its way into us, shaping and subtly reshaping who we are: we are porous to our environment, to the condition of living. The world, though, is equally porous: It soaks up our contributions, the things we do—our semi-unaware activities of our daily lives and our conscious acts of creativity.

This dialogue between self and world raises difficult questions: How can we consciously and productively enter the conversation? How can we make the most of the world’s action upon us while making sure that our own actions are imaginative, ethical and, in the end, valuable?

To make sense of life’s flow of impressions and actions, we create stories about our world and ourselves. This is a moment of enormous opportunity and potential danger; the production of these stories is the chokepoint of creativity: If our stories are overproduced, we develop a leaden, inflexible approach to the world, one that narrows our perceptions, limits our options and kills our creativity. If our stories are underproduced, we are confused and overwhelmed by the seemingly centerless storm of modern life, a hurricane with no eye, no boundaries, no beginning, no end.

The trick—and it is not an easy one—is to find what we might call creative vision balance: the ability to look more closely at both world and self, see them in new ways, and make sense of them in a manner that is both organized and open. Such balance is at the heart of effective storytelling, critical thinking, academic success, business innovation and personal creative fulfillment.



At Olympian Creative Education, we will help you find and develop creative vision balance by learning about your goals and your challenges. In turn, you’ll learn to use observation, memory and structure to break through blocks, shatter conventional thinking, find fresh approaches and get projects done. We offer one-on-one coaching, small-group sessions, regular consulting and special training events.

• We will help you zero in on the story you’re trying to tell. We’ll also help you identify what narratives—both internal and cultural—might be getting in the way of you telling the tale you really want to tell. You’ll investigate your own dialogue with the world: Is it open or closed—determinate or indeterminate? Are you allowing the observed world, in all its unpredictability, to enrich your creative perspective? We will help you train yourself to look closer, notice the things that slip by, and think about how they subtly alter your perspective on projects, interactions and creative opportunities.

• We will help you tap into memory and history to identify concepts, approaches and images that may be helpful but have been lost in the swirl of the present. Knowing your own mind (through memory) and knowing the history of your subject matter or audience (through study) alerts you to different ways of thinking: The past can provide the creative tools for breaking down the walls of the present. (Think, for instance, of the ways retro design has reenergized modern aesthetics.)

• We will help you find new ways to structure your creative approach—to make vibrant order out of free-roaming inspiration.

• And we will help you master the fine art of completion. In project-based coaching sessions, you will discover realistic, step-by-step approaches to not only doing your best work, but completing it.



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Champion Your Creativity

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